The Humanitarian Safety / Security Network In  Ukraine 

Mission Statement: Provide Ukrainian NGOs with Safety & Security Coordination


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Date Last Updated: 2023-11-05

Battambang Security Coordination manual

NGO Security Survey


NGO Name:                                                       Date:


Email:                                                                                    Website:      

Representative name:                                                      Cell No.:


Type of work: 

Where do you work?

Do you know the area and / or have a map?


Number of people working with you?

Do individuals join & leave your organization sporadically?


How many vehicles do you use?


Work schedule:


Are there other NGOs working in your vicinity?


Who do you coordinate your security with?  Civil police, fire, medical / Military / private / no one?


Do you have any security related Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or other institutional documentation? ex.: a handout - What to do in case of emergency.


What security / safety procedures do you follow? (ex.: do you write down or tell someone where you are going? or call ahead?)


Have you had any security incidents or threats to your security?


Have you had any injuries or deaths?


What are your security concerns / threats?


What actions do you think can take place to improve your security?


How would you rate your risk level: 1 10.


What communications do you have?


Do you have ambulance service where you work?


Location of closest medical care:


Where do you stay? 

Is it safe?

Distance to work?


Do you have any security training?


Do you have first aid / medical training?


Do you have any landmine awareness training?


Do you have access to mental health care?


Additional comments:




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