The Humanitarian Safety / Security Network In  Ukraine 

Mission Statement: Provide Ukrainian NGOs with Safety & Security Coordination


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Method in Ukraine

This is where we Analyse the problem and Design a Humanitarian security coordination network that meets the unique needs of Ukraine. 

Past experience has taught us that there is a limit to the area size that can be covered. by one Coordination Centre. In response we have broken down the front line into nine (9) Zones, each of which will have a Coordination Centre. to communicate with NGOs and others, as required. 

map-UkraineCOTJuly 20,2023.jpg (151044 bytes)

Analyse the problem. This means go to where the NGOs work, get their opinions, see the security issues they have to deal with, complete a detailed survey for each NGO met with. Ask other NGOs to complete a short survey. 

The sooner Ukrainian counterparts join the team the better. Planning & decision making require their input. 

Form a working committee - develop an implementation plan for a model / demonstration security coordination system covering one Zone. Budget. Presentation for donors, detailing costs &  benefits. 


The key to a successful response is a coordinated response. NGOs working together as part of a unified security coordination system. Cooperating to provide improved security for all. 


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