The Humanitarian Safety / Security Network In  Ukraine 

Mission Statement: Provide Ukrainian NGOs with Safety & Security Coordination


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Humanitarian workers and NGOs need Security to do their work.

It is not a perfect world and there are no guarantees but working together we can make it Safer and improve the Security for humanitarian workers.

There are two types of Security Coordination.

1) Security Coordination within your organization.

2) Security Coordination with other organisations. 


Security Coordination within your organization

This refers to how you treat security as an organization. 

Do you have someone responsible for security?

Do you have & follow security related procedures?

What kind of training have your staff had:

Landmine awareness?

Medical training?


Driving / mechanics?



What kind of training do you think you need? 

Security Coordination with other organisations

If you take security seriously you will want to coordinate with other organizations such as NGOs, police & military. 

Do you currently coordinate with police, military or other group? 

Do you know of other NGOs or volunteers working in your area?

Have you met with them to discuss cooperation?

Are you a member of a forum or committee of NGOs & humanitarian workers?


If you want to learn more about how you can improve the Safety and Security for your Humanitarian workers contact HSNU

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No matter how you are trying to help you need Security The threats to your Safety are numerous The solutions are unique for each country
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